November 2015
Area Review Support Summary

The November Spotlight focuses on Area Reviews and support the Foundation can provide the sector.
The Education and Training Foundation’s focus is supporting the professional workforce in FE through the Area Review process and beyond. We are about professionalism, standards and innovation; not structures.
Area Reviews pose practical and educational challenges to the FE and Training system sector. As set out in the BIS guidance1, the Education and Training Foundation will work with the sector’s workforce throughout the process, providing support and programmes that will benefit both leaders and practitioners.
During the change heralded by Area Reviews, we recognise there will be concerns and new challenges for senior leaders, middle managers and teaching practitioners: the Foundation will build on our reputation for delivering excellence to staff at all levels in a confidential, developmental and professionally supportive environment. Our mission is to support the continued delivery high quality teaching and learning throughout the review process. Our ‘business as usual’ offer continues with increasing impact, including with English and maths support, teaching and learning development focussed on the Professional Standards, research programmes and wider leadership and governance CPD.
The Foundation will organise training, events, summits and professional support networks across England, as we have committed to building resilience and capacity; equipping governors to scrutinise options; supporting chairs in their roles and promoting and embedding professional standards.
Our support in more detail below.
During the later phases of the Reviews and leading to implementation, the Foundation will share resources and guidance on sector-wide benchmarking of quality and efficiencies, working with partners such as the AoC; and we will develop guidance and support on local outcome agreements.
This comprehensive programme of sector support is based on our knowledge of the needs of the workforce across diverse provision. Additional bespoke support may be arranged on an Area basis, or by arrangement with individual organisations / consortia, subject to available funding streams or on a commercial basis.
ETF programmes are heavily subsidised by core grant from BIS. These subsidies will reduce over time, and programme prices will increase to compensate for this. ETF is a not-for-profit charity and all funding – from Government or from course participants – is reinvested in our support to the sector.
To understand more about our work, please visit:
If you have any further questions in regard to the role of the Foundation in the Area Review process, or wish to seek particular support, please contact: (CEO) or (Director, leadership and governance).
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Spotlight history

National Leadership Summit

National Leadership Summit in February 2016 to gather transferable learning from early wave AR participants, prepare for post-AR success, and draw expertise from beyond the sector to help current and aspiring leaders in their decision-making and personal development. The Summit will focus on strategic approaches not tactical challenges.

Excellence in Leadership Management and Governance prospectus

Our Excellence in Leadership Management and Governance prospectus at provides multiple CPD opportunities for leaders and senior staff to strengthen knowledge and skill in key areas relevant to Area Reviews and transformational change, including:
o development of financial acumen and commercial skills
o working beyond your own organisation in the changing system
o new to senior management
o strategic approaches and effective governance.

Governance Development Programme

The Governance Development Programme to support stronger leadership and governance is delivered in partnership with the AoC. Webinars, regional events and peer support from National Leaders of Governance are now available to help governing bodies fulfil their duties as well as to provide new tailored and technical support as colleges go through the AR process. Find further information on and The Foundation-funded recruitment service offered by SGOSS is tailored to the sector and can help Corporations fill vacancies quickly with high calibre candidates:

Data Dashboard

A standardised data dashboard, with benchmarks relating to area, type of provider and national averages, will be produced for all colleges subject to an Area Review within ten days of the provider submitting and signing off their SIR data. Each college will also receive a report on the economic impact of HE in FE for all colleges with HE provision.

Technology for Learning

Support is available for leaders, governors and practitioners in the area of technology for learning. The Foundation works with partners to help staff understand and take advantage of the transformative opportunities of teaching in a technology-rich environment. Activity covers curriculum management, curriculum re-design and individual practitioner support with embedding technology in the classroom. New resources for leaders, governors and practitioners at:


The Foundation is gathering research on teaching practice and the impact of mergers or other changes on leadership and teaching standards / activity. This work will be shared across the sector both through publication and dissemination at events in the coming year.


Support for wider stakeholders (LEPs, Local Authorities and employers) to aid in understanding the workforce, organisational data and broader educational matters on a bespoke basis. This includes continuing collaboration with the NUS.

Future Apprenticeships programme

Our new Future Apprenticeships programme will show how to grow successful apprenticeship delivery, and what systems, processes or resources may need to be in place. A tailored strand of support for leaders and governors starts in December – see for more information. Support for practitioners will cover preparing for the new trailblazer standards and working with employers – see for more information.


Support practitioners through this time of potential change by promoting effective peer support networks. We will build resilience and professionalism within the teaching workforce and so minimise any impact on teaching and learning quality brought about by review decisions. Specific work covers:
o Outstanding teaching learning and assessment programmes
o The new professional exchanges for teaching and middle management staff
o Promotion of the Professional Standards.

The Society for Education and Training

The Society for Education and Training is working with its 12,000+ members to further build resilience for teaching staff, and to share effective practice amongst peers. Membership can be purchased by individual practitioners or collectively by employers. See more at