September 2015
Important changes are coming to the Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework from September 2015

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) has launched far-reaching changes to the way it inspects early years provision, schools and further education and skills. These changes will come in to effect from September 2015 and include:

• the introduction of a common inspection framework for all early years settings on the Early Years Register, maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills providers
• short inspections for maintained schools, academies and further education and skills providers that were judged good at their last full inspection. These short inspections will be conducted approximately every 3 years
• significant changes to Ofsted’s inspection workforce. From September 2015, Ofsted will contract directly with inspectors for maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills inspections

The changes are a result of the consultation ‘Better inspection for all’ and subsequent response.
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New inspection documents

The new common inspection framework and handbooks for Ofsted inspectors come into effect from September 2015:

Further education and skills inspection handbook from September 2015

Please note that although the handbook is for use from September 2015 and remains in draft until that point and that further amendments may still be made to the text.

Outline of the changes

Go to YouTube to find Lorna Fitzjohn, Ofsted’s national director for further education and skills, outline the key changes to the inspection of education and training providers from September 2015.

Improving Initial Teacher Education

The Ofsted Common Inspection Framework (CIF) now includes the inspection of development of new entrant teachers.

Harriet Harper

Mentor Spotlight – This person has expertise in the new CIF and can be contacted through the Network for peer-to-peer discussion and mentoring