February 2016
Blog for Leaders and Governors: English & maths

Leaders and governors who do not fully engage with the issues involved in improving the delivery of GCSE English and Maths could find that their Ofsted grades suffer as the effectiveness of this provision is now a key part of the latest Ofsted inspection framework.

Leaders and governors do have access to such support in their efforts to improve the delivery of GCSE English and Maths through the second phase of the GCSE capability: Leadership and Management to support English and maths programme, funded by The Education and Training Foundation. This programme is building a community to share and debate issues in this important area of provision for all providers. This is being achieved in a variety of ways. Firstly through the resources (see below for more detail). Through the work of the Regional Advisers who are working directly with providers and thus able to share effective practice.

The community is also being built through use of a forum on the elmag portal, through our twitter account @ GCSELeadership and newsletter which leaders and governors can subscribe to.

While the bespoke support under the programme has already been fully taken up, the resources, which can be found via the programme website (wwww.gcseleadership.com) and which had been created under the first phase of the programme, would benefit any leaders and governors who are grappling with this important area of provision.

The resources are under continuing enhancement, to take account of current developments in this field as well as to extend their relevance to both Independent Training Providers (ITPs) and Governors. ITPs have been provided with specific pages and a dedicated toolkit. Governors are recommended to watch a new video produced for the programme by Dr. Ron Hill and Hugh Baird College’s Vice Chair of the Corporation, David Crosby. You can access the video below. It will give you some valuable tips on creating an effective mathematics and English action plan for your board.

There are many other useful resources but of particular note are the e-CPD modules which offer a guided approach for both leaders and governors to the important issues which need to be addressed. Questions are posed that leaders and governors can use in their scrutiny of the strategic approaches used in their organisation. A governor reported of the Governance eCPD module: "I have only completed two thirds at this first session but have found it extremely useful."

The final news is that the programme is holding a national colloquium, on 4th March 2016, bringing together senior leaders and governing board members in five hubs across England, connected together through the Internet. Speakers will include Paul Joyce, OfSTED's Deputy Director of FE and Skills and Dr Ron Hill, a national FE Governance adviser. Hub locations are in London, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham and Plumpton College in the South East. The event will cost £100 and will be a unique opportunity to network and share GCSE capacity building approaches locally, whilst joining together nationally via an online portal in each of the hubs. Places are limited so book soon by clicking on the Leadership Colloquium link below.

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Leadership Colloquium

On Friday 4th March 2016, we will hold a national colloquium, bringing together senior leaders and governing board members in five hubs across England, connected together through the Internet. Hubs are in Birmingham (The Studio), East Sussex (Plumpton College), Liverpool (Hugh Baird College), London (Institute of London, UCL) and Sheffield (In Touch Care). 9:30 for 10:00am start and 13:00pm finish for lunch.

Community Newsletter

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GCSE Leadership

The ‘GCSE Maths and English Leadership’ website, developed on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation. The website provides senior leaders and governing board members with information, guidance and resources to help increase GCSE English and mathematics capacity in the post-16 sector.

GCSE Leadership ITP support

Aimed at senior leaders and directors of independent training providers (ITPs) / work-based learning providers (WBLs).

Governance roles video

This short video [12:03] shows a conversation between Ron Hill (Governance Adviser, Governance Researcher and experienced Clerk to the Corporation) and David Crosby (Vice Chair and Chair of Hugh Baird College’s Quality and Standards Committee).

e-CPD modules

Abingdon and Witney College developed two interactive eCPD modules in 2015 for senior leaders and for governing board members