Leadership Framework

This reflection tool is designed to help you to review your leadership skills and so identify your development needs, based on a model that emerged from the Leadership Conversation Project. It identifies the range of values, knowledge and skills that leaders and managers need to possess to perform their jobs effectively, with the learner is at the centre indicating the importance of all support and development opportunities to raise learner outcomes and improve the learner experience.

To access the tool follow the link below and log in to your Portal account so you can save your work and revisit it at a later stage to review progress. You can also use the tool to create your own customised assessments.

The leadership framework is illustrated below, hover over each segment to reveal more information. Or download this document.

  • Excellent communication
  • Effective people management and development
  • Effective team leadership
  • High levels of emotional intelligence
  • Focus on inclusion
  • Leadership of Boards
  • Systemic mind-set
  • Ability to lead beyond own organisational boundaries
  • Demonstrable accountability
  • Technical knowledge and competence
  • Knowledge/experience of the education and training sector
  • Business and financial skills; demonstrable financial accountability
  • Effective political skills
  • Confidence and humility
  • Resilience
  • Intellect
  • Self-aware
  • Personal integrity
  • Flexibility and responsive
  • Initiate, facilitate and lead change
  • Maximise the potential of technology
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Clear vision
  • Well-defined organisational values and culture
  • Learners are central
  • Commitment to addressing learners' needs and supporting successful learner outcomes