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Clerks Training and Development Survey

Report on 2016 Clerks' Training and Development Survey: The summary findings from our recent Clerks' & Training and Development Survey' is this month's Spotlight. The findings are being used to inform the work we commission to support clerks working in the sector January 2017 spotlight.

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Report from the Foundation: Developing a leadership Pipeline for BAME staff in Further Education and Training

A scoping report looking into the development of a leadership pipeline for Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) middle managers was carried out earlier this year. The report gives an overview of what some of the barriers are for BAME staff, then goes on to look at continuing professional development opportunities in the sector.

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The Leadership Pipeline Toolkit

The Leadership Pipeline Toolkit is aimed at practitioners (teachers, learning support staff), first-time and middle managers in the further education and skills sector who aspire to be the future leaders in the sector.

Leadership is usually associated with senior positions, and some may aspire to those roles. However, increasingly organisations need staff to assume leadership roles and responsibilities at all levels in order to most effectively meet the needs of learners and employers, influence change and drive innovation. Many of the leaders interviewed talked about the leadership capabilities that they had to develop and apply in the classroom, demonstrating that their leadership journey had started much earlier in their careers. Leadership isna't a destination, one doesn't just become a leader when you step into a particular role at a certain level. It is more a process of acquisition. At any time, you will be in situations where you will need to demonstrate leadership, and the more this happens the more it will become the norm. Leadership is also something to be learnt and developed over time. The more you practise the more skilled you can become. For aspiring leaders, it is important to remember this. As an aspiring leader, you can find opportunities and situations to practise leadership and at whatever level you are currently at.

To access this useful free resource please click here. The toolkit is located on the Foundation Online Learning and you will need to register to go through the modules - registration only takes a few minutes.

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